Hall's Bayou Ranch offers a full boarding service for your dog. We believe in caring for your dog as if they were our own. Our kennels are fully covered, individual containments with a concrete floor and plastic barrelhouses that are clean and offer a safe environment for all of our guests. All kennels are cleaned several times each day.

What we offer

  • Basic obedience

  • Force fetch and collar conditioning

  • Advanced retrieving (sitting on whistle, double and triple retrieves on land and in water, blind retrieves

  • Training for pleasure and competition

  • Blood tracking

  • Boarding


Training rates include monthly cost of boarding


  • Per day $20

  • Per week $140

  • Monthly $450


Puppy Head Start - $500 Per Month

Get your puppy started on the right track with our puppy head start program. Along with basic retrieving and obedience skills your puppy will be introduced to birds, water, and gunfire.

Basic Training (3-4 Months) - $600 Per Month

Dogs will be taught basic obedience commands using verbal commands and whistle, collar conditioning, force fetch (holding a bird on command until told to release) and steadiness. They will be introduced to birds, gunfire, vehicles, decoys, stationary platforms (duck blinds, dog blinds) live and dead birds and basic marking concepts on land and water. A dog that completes this program will be ready to field hunt, obedient off lead, steady to gunfire, and proficient in marking long singles and doubles.

Finished Retrieving (3-4 Months) - $600 Per Month

This program is for dogs that have been through basic obedience and retriever training. We will incorporate foundational drills that include force to pile, land and water marks, T-drills, and swim-by. By the end of this program your dog will be ready to handle multiple hunting situations, multiple marks, and the ability to be directed by hand signals. Dogs that complete this training should be prepared to compete in “finished” and “master level” hunt tests.

Pre-Hunting Season Tune-Up (1-3 Months) - $600 Per Month

Our pre-hunting season tune-up program is for those who want to polish their dog up before hunting season. Dogs will be placed in multiple hunting situations to help refresh them on obedience, steadiness, and ability to mark birds. This course also aids in shedding any extra weight your dog may have put on during the off season. Tune-ups are a must for serious ducks hunters and hunt test competitors.

Advance Retriever (3-6 Months) - $600 Per Month

The advanced retriever program takes all of the skills that your dog has learned in the finished retriever program to a higher level. This is very beneficial for hunting or conditioning your dog for hunt test competitions.  This program teaches your dog to handle very technical multiple marks and blind retrieves; emphasis is put on precise marking, handling, and straight lines through cover, difficult terrain, and water. This course is a must for the serious duck hunter or Hunt Test competitor.

Training the Trainer - $45 Per Hour

This program is designed for dog owners who want to be able to handle their dog’s training on their own, but may not have the skills or knowledge needed. We will teach you what you need to be working on with your dog and guide you through different scenarios and the overall training process.

Proof of vaccinations including rabies and Bordetella (kennel cough) must be provided before your dog is brought onto the premises for training or boarding. The monthly training/boarding fee will include the cost of healthy food. You are welcome to bring some of your dog’s current food to transition to food provided by HBR.